The Great Debate: 

Older Houses v New Builds?

In your quest for your perfect home, do you find yourself at a crossroads - opt for the charm and character of an older house, or embrace the sleek allure of a brand-new build?

While both options have their merits, there are distinct benefits to each. Let's delve into the advantages of both new builds and older houses to help you make an informed decision.

The Timeless Allure of Older Houses

1. Character and Charm

Older houses often boast unique architectural features, intricate detailing, and a sense of history that can't be replicated in new builds. From timber beamed ceilings, to Victorian ceiling roses, to hardwood floors, these elements add character and charm to the home.

2. Established Neighbourhoods

Older houses are frequently located in well-established neighbourhoods with mature trees, foot paths, and a sense of community. For those seeking a close-knit environment with amenities within walking distance, older homes offer unparalleled appeal.

3. Larger Plots and Established Landscaping

In many cases, older properties come with larger plots and mature landscaping, providing ample outdoor space for gardening, entertaining, or simply enjoying nature. Not just outside, the internal floor layout is often much bigger and typically there is lots of storage, good sized bedrooms and no box room!

4. Investment Potential

While new builds may appreciate in value over time, older homes often have a proven track record of appreciation, particularly in sought-after neighbourhoods. Renovations and updates can further increase the property's value, making it a sound investment opportunity.

5. Time-Tested Construction

Despite their age, many older homes were built with quality craftsmanship and durable materials, standing the test of time. This longevity can give you confidence of its reliability, knowing that the home has weathered decades or even centuries with grace.





The Appeal of New Builds

1. Modern Amenities and Features

New builds often come equipped with the latest amenities and technology. From energy-efficient appliances to smart home systems, these features not only enhance daily living but also contribute to long-term cost savings.

2. Customisation Options

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a new build is the opportunity for customisation. Depending on the developer and the stage of build the property has got to, there are often options to choose bathroom fixtures and fittings, including towel rails, showers over the bath, tiling etc, plus similar options in the kitchen, and flooring and tiring throughout.

3. Reduced Maintenance

New homes typically require less maintenance compared to older properties. With brand-new plumbing, electrical systems, and roofing, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that major repairs and replacements are unlikely in the near future. Although do expect an initial snagging list!

4. Energy Efficiency

Today's construction standards prioritise energy efficiency, resulting in new builds that are better insulated and equipped with high-performance windows and heating/cooling systems. This not only reduces utility bills but also minimises environmental impact.

5. Warranty Protection

Many new builds come with warranties covering structural defects and major components. This added protection provides buyers with reassurance and financial security, sparing them from unexpected repair costs.


Ultimately there's no one-size-fits-all answer and the decision boils down to personal preferences, priorities, and budget considerations.

In our experience, the older you get the more attracted you are to older properties too. When you are young and buying your first home the modern amenities and freshness of a new-build is really attractive. When you age, your tastes change and character becomes more attractive than modern freshness. Of course that is not always the case and a young, first time buyer may love the appeal of an older house and the potential development opportunities. It really is down to personal preference.

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