No idea where to start? Blinded by jargon? No idea why things are taking so long?

Property Consultant in United Kingdom

Our Mission is to make the process of buying and selling property more transparent. We will do this by providing step-by-step guidance, pointing you in the direction of helpful resources and clearing up some common misconceptions.

This will be your go to site for finding the answers, understanding the processes and deciphering the jargon.

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What are we aiming for?

AskJoanna's long-term goal is to change the process of buying and selling property in the UK.

We understand that homebuying can be a very stressful and untransparent process. This is most likely to be the biggest purchase of your life, so why does it have to be so unclear and just damn right frustrating? We are here to provide you the guidance you need.


We want to make things transparent

Whether you are braving the property market for the first time or stepping back into it after many years, you may feel like you need to learn a whole new language.

We will act as your translators and walk you through the process.


We want to make things painless 


Even a “smooth” property transaction will be plagued by long periods of silence, one party becoming unreachable for weeks on end or another party forgetting to have done something. Our long-term goal is to make this a thing of the past by streamlining the processes and standards and connecting everything that needs to connect together.


We want you to have property confidence 


Deciding to buy or sell a house is going to be one of, if not, the biggest financial decisions of your life.

Whether you are just about to buy your first dream home, or you are selling your family home to downsize, we want you to be reassured you are doing the right thing and that you fully know what to expect.


We want to put everything in one easy place 


The nature of the processes dictates a lot of physical paperwork and documents, and many involved parties.

We want to bring everything and everyone together so all is working in the same direction and is easily accessible. 



Buying Property in United Kingdom


Buying Property in United Kingdom


Prepare to Buy a Property in 5 Easy Steps


1. Sort out your finances

Will you need a mortgage? Have you factored in stamp duty? What about additional costs like surveys, solicitors' fees and valuation fees?

2. Find your dream property

Write a checklist of your non-negotiables, get online and start booking viewings!

3. Viewing and Offering

If and when you find a house that ticks your boxes, make the seller a solid but fair offer based on their asking price.

4. Find a Property Lawyer

Our advice is to aim local. Are they experienced? Are they easy to reach on short notice? What is their reputation like?

5. Get ready for the move

Nail down a completion date, book a removal company and get planning the housewarming.

Take a look at our downloadable How to Buy a Property Guide in which we expand on each of these steps and provide you with useful tips and a Glossary of terms you will come across during the process. 

Take a look too at our Blogs which go into even more detail on key topics and provide further AskJoanna tips. We are regularly adding to these so keep coming back for more!

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Prepare to Sell a Property in 5 Easy Steps


1. Set a price

Check online property listings to gauge how much similar properties in your area are worth before you engage an estate agent to give you a valuation.

2. Find an estate agent

Look online, or ask friends and family for any recommendations.

3. Prepare for viewings

Make sure everything is clean and tidy. You might also want to tackle those upgrades or repairs you have been meaning to get around to.

4. Get negotiating

Once somebody makes an offer, get talking and decide on the finer details like fixtures you're leaving behind and ideal completion dates.

5. Gather the paperwork

Locate all relevant paperwork relating to your home, including title deeds, building work certificates, warranties, guarantees, example utility bills, and user manuals. The more information you can provide the buyer (and your property lawyer) the quicker the legal process will be.

We will be releasing more details and guides alongside our current How to Buy a House Guide – Watch this space! Take a look at our Blogs too. 

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Buying Property in United Kingdom



Buying Property in United Kingdom




What do we have planned for the future?

Our vision is to provide a seamless integrated service for all parties including the buyer, the seller, the agents, and the lawyers by bringing it all together in one user-friendly platform. We want to change the process of buying and selling property, and simplify an outdated system that has not evolved with the technology we have available to us today.

We appreciate that this sounds an ambitious goal – but in a fast pace, instantaneous world, it is essential that the process of buying and selling property catches up with the modern world – and the headache really is removed from the process.

We want you to join us on this exciting journey! Explore our website, browse our blogs and tips, and let us know what you think. Your insights will help us streamline the entire conveyancing process and save everyone time, money, and unnecessary stress.

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