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The how and the why of the AskJoanna mission

AskJoanna was born out of necessity. Both its founders, Josephine and Anna, have gone through the rigmarole of buying and selling property several times, and each time are surprised at how needlessly complicated and unnecessarily longwinded the whole thing is.

Communication between relevant parties is typically poor. Planning ahead becomes difficult if not impossible. The process is not transparent and getting a status update is always tricky. A situation, which on the whole should be joyful, becomes painful.

AskJoanna wants to correct all of these pressure points. It wants to be the painkiller to your headache! Our mission is ambitious but essential.



Meet Josephine, The Inquisitor

Josephine is our resident tech nerd.

A technology professional for over 15 years, passionate about evolution and innovation, she is the tech mind behind AskJoanna.

She has bought and sold more than a few properties over the last 20 years, and each time is amazed at how little things have changed.

We are living in an age of interconnectedness, where you can message somebody on the other side of the planet from a device in your pocket, but the process of buying and selling property remains stuck in the past. If anything, it seems more stressful, simply because everything else has moved online and become easier as a result.

Now it is her goal is to make navigating the housing market easier and in line with technological advancements, bringing the process out of the dark ages.

Property Consultant in United Kingdom

Meet Anna, The Translator

Anna is an expert in legalese and jargon-busting.

Having been a lawyer for 25 years, she is the legal mind behind AskJoanna. In that time she has identified plenty of examples of how things should (and maybe more importantly should not!) be done.

Having gone through the ringer of buying and selling property many times herself, most recently during the Covid-19 lockdowns, both the buyer and the lawyer in her found the entire procedure needlessly slow and frustrating. Long chains sometimes cannot be helped, but a lack of clear communication can always be helped.

To that end, she has teamed up with Josephine to make navigating the housing market headache-free. Her keen legal mind translates all the terminology into everyday language people actually understand.






About AskJoanna

In order to invest we need to gauge the interest of our audience so we can understand exactly what everyone needs, we are home owners and buyers ourselves and it is our mission to make the conveyancing process smoother and more transparent. Our idea came from our own frustrations.

We want to give something for nothing right now, to help those starting out buying a home for the first time or just been out of the game for a long time. As we evolve, we will create more downloadble Guides, more Blogs, downloadable Checklists, databases of providers based on location, and much much more.

So, join us on this exciting journey! Explore our website, browse our blogs and tips, download our Guide, and let us know what you think. Your insights will help us streamline the entire conveyancing process and help revolutionise the way we buy and sell property in the UK.

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Take a look at our How to Buy a Property Guide. More guides, checklists and more will be released in the near future!

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IIf you are a conveyancer, property lawyer, estate agent, mortgage broker, surveyor, removal company or any business involved in the process of buying and selling property, please get in touch as we would love you to join us on this journey.

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