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How to Secure a Smooth Sale

Whether you are looking to upsize, downsize or relocate, there is no doubt that it can be a daunting and potentially drawn-out process.

Some questions to start asking yourself:

  • Why are you selling? If you need more space, have you considered alternatives such as a loft conversion or extension?
  • Is now the right time to sell? What is the property market like at the moment? Are you willing to roll the dice and bank on a higher price a few months or years from now?
  • How far are you from the end of your initial mortgage deal? Have you considered early redemption penalties (a fee for settling your mortgage early)? What about renting your property out instead of selling?
  • Are you looking to buy immediately or rent for some time? If you are looking to sell and then rent,how long do you intend to rent for?
  • How much renovation or repair work needs doing? Is it just a matter of a lick of paint or more serious structural work? Might there be more serious faults you have not noticed that a surveyor might?

Selling a house can be as problematic as buying, especially if you are buying and selling property at the same time.

We will be releasing a full guide to selling a house in the near future. In the meantime, take a look at our How to Buy a Property Guide in case any of our AskJoanna tips help you and for a complete Glossary of housing terminology.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Where can I find an estate agent? 

Luckily there is no shortage of estate agents, nor are they difficult to find. Websites like Rightmove let you look at and compare estate agents in your area, who will have experience in selling properties like yours. Alternatively, ask your friends and family for recommendations.



How can I find out how much my house is worth? 

Local agents are ideally placed to advise you on the current value of your property based on the market at the time and what is happening in the local area. You may well get agents giving you very different values. Don't always go with the highest – go with the agent that gives you the most confidence and has examples of selling similar properties in the area for similar values. 


How long will the process take? 

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. “Long” or “short” is all relative here, depending on the length of the chain, where you are selling, the value of your home, how well everybody communicates and the general state of the housing market. What could take a 4-6 weeks one year could take several months the next year. The uncertainty and avoidable delays are the most common frustrations we hear, and something that AskJoanna aims to change.



Is there an ideal time to sell? 

Surprisingly, yes there is – Spring. The weather is getting warmer, meaning that potential buyers who have been indoors all of the winter will be eager to get out there and start viewing. It also falls behind the new tax year in April, giving buyers time to plan their finances around their new purchase. And also aligns with decisions that need to be made about school placements.



What if nobody wants to buy? 

You have done all your homework and put your house up for sale, yet nobody is biting or even booking a viewing. The first stage is to take a step back and look at where you might have gone wrong.

Ask yourself whether your house is in the best condition it could be, whether the price you listed your property for is too high for your area and if people are looking to buy in general, based on the current housing market. Alternatively, the issue might lie with your estate agent – have another look at their reviews.



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